Air Knife Systems

Air Knife SystemsProcess Solutions & Integration, Inc., is a California based, manufacturers representative that provides the sanitary industries with advanced high performance drying system technology used in challenging washdown applications.

Targeting moderate pressure – high flow applications, we represent a line of  Air Knife Drying Systems that replace the costly and wasteful use of compressed air in beverage, dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical, and parts drying applications.  Republic Air Knife Systems are custom sized to match your requirements.  Additional options include the All-In-One drop-in solutions, over-spray enclosures, water recapture, smart controls and noise attenuation; available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area, we have an experienced team of plant engineers ready to help guide and troubleshoot your process drying system needs. We also have factory trained technicians and fully equipped service vehicles available 24/7 for repair, re-manufacture, and installation of all your equipment to optimize your operating conditions.

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