Instrumentation & Automation Controls

Process Solutions & Integration, Inc. supplies measuring and automation solutions for pharmaceutical and food processing industries in the greater Los Angeles area representing the state of California and Western Nevada.  These products are available in many configurations and meet a wide variety of industrial specifications including explosion-proof, sanitary, and high temperature requirements.  Analytical brand products can be supplied in many configurations to meet demanding applications.

Typical processes in the food & pharmaceutical industry demand special functions such as fast response times and high accuracy of temperature measurement. The process temperatures in food processes are in the range of -40…250°C (-40…482°F) and between -50…400°C (-58… 752°F) in pharmaceutical processes.  Process pressures can be anywhere between atmosphere and 100 bar (1450 psi).

Furthermore an important prerequisite is a hygienic design capable of cleaning in process (CIP) and sterilization in process (SIP).

We offer an experienced team of engineers to help guide and troubleshoot your specific sanitary process equipment requirements. Our factory trained technicians and construction & installation teams are available 24/7 for the repair and re-manufacture of all your sanitary process equipment needs for optimizing your operating conditions.