Dispersion and Emulsification Equipment

Process Solutions & Integration, Inc., is a California based, manufacturers representative with a wide range of dispersion, emulsification, and liquifying equipment for sanitary processing applications. We carry various lines of high pressure homogenizers that can be fully integrated for a complete mixing system, single or multi-feed, to create high viscosity products with continuous fine emulsions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, personal care, biopharmaceutical and beverage industries.

We carry stainless steel, easy to use colloid mills for high shear wet milling in a wide viscosity range, producing controlled, uniform emulsified products. The versatile high shear mixers we represent are ideal for emulsifying and blending, and are available in standard and sanitary configurations. The powder dispersion units we represent are ideal for bulk solids and sanitary material handling applications.

  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • ASME Code
  • Cone, Flat Bottom
  • Top & Bottom
  • Homogenizers
  • Dimple or Coil Jecketed
  • Agitation: Double Motion, Offset, Scrape

Our engineering design capabilities, fabrication expertise, and installation abilities allow us to offer fully integrated services for your size reduction, deagglomeration, dry mixing dispersion, milling, emulsions, and texturing application requirements. We have an experienced team of engineers ready to help guide and troubleshoot your specific dispersion and emulsification requirements.

Liquifiers and Homogenizers

food processign homogenizers

Dispersion and Emulsification

Mixers, Emulsifiers, Powder Dispersion Units, Shear Pumps and Wet Mills Colloid Mill Shearing/Mixing for uniform Dispersions

We have factory trained technicians and fully equipped service vehicles available 24/7 for repair, re-manufacture, and installation of all your equipment to optimize your operating conditions.