Mixing and Blending

Custom process systems designed, fabricated, assembled, and installed by our engineering team for existing process systems.

Mixing and Blending

Feeder System

Process Solutions and Integration, Inc. commissioned a complete feeder system, in a cosmetic grade manufacturing plant, by using the best practices of design and installation to feed a dual path filler system. This new processing area has several components of engineering and design objectives enabling our customer to achieve performance goals in raw materials handling, processing flow, and transfer systems to function according to specifications.

Sanitary Processing Equipment:

  • Positive Displacement Pumps 50 GPM, 150 PSI, 2.5 PSIA
  • 6000 gal capacity – Raw Product Storage Tanks
  • 3600 gal capacity – Batching & Holding Tanks
  • Agitators
  • T-Strainer
  • Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Hoses
  • Pressure Relief – Manual/Air Actuated Butterfly & Ball, Check, Globe Valves
  • Fully Automated Controls – Pressure Guages & Transducers, Flow Meters, Thermometers, etc.Components of this feeder application are broken down into mixing, blending, holding and transfer systems all designed by our team of highly skilled engineers and installed by our professionally trained construction & installation staff.

Raw Bulk Materials Unloading System

This system is designed to enabled our customers to transfer two different types of raw products from 5000 gallon delivery trucks to raw storage tanks with minimal unloading time using a positive displacement pump and accessories. This system is equipped with manual to fully automated pressure relief valves and pressure transducers to ensure proper safety measures are taken. In addition, a transfer cart for parts (hoses, pump body, pump rotors, pump o-rings and seals) is provided.

Mixing & Holding to Dual Path In-Line Filler System

This system provides for transfer of raw materials to mix tanks for mixing. With an aerated product in the mixing stage, it undergoes de-aeration by use of an in-line air removal system. Once the entrapped air is removed, the finished product is then transferred to a product holding tank to await the in-line dual path filler system. The mixing system is equipped with controls for monitoring tank levels, transfer pump, heating/cooling, mixing and valve controls. Positive displacement pumps are used for product transfer and sized to keep up with the high demand of the dual path filler system for maximum output. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize piping, a flow panel is used to either direct product flow through de-aeration or CIP flow to one of five holding tanks. Stainless steel walking platforms are constructed to inspect vertical storage & holding tanks and a stainless steel mixing tank platform is constructed for other inspections.

Clean In Place (CIP)/ Clean Out of Place (COP) System Requirements

Sanitation requirements for this application include hot water sanitization at 82 Deg. C followed by a cold-deionized (DI) final rinse. As water chemistry affects sanitization equipment, the piping material design is taken into consideration. An open skid mounted CIP system is established, should the application change in the future. A portable CIP cart is provided for the COP system hot water sanitization requirements, featuring stainless steel materials of construction and a control panel for monitoring/recording flow, temperatures, and time to validate cleaning process. The CIP system includes hoses, jumper pieces, and orifice plates to facilitate sanitizing equipment in various areas of the feed process.

Utilities Requirements

Plant utilities required for this project include electrical, steam, compressed air, potable water, chilled water and de-ionized (DI) water. Two main steam lines are provided to heat mix the tank and for the skid mounted CIP system. Steam drops are strategically placed to heat the CIP/COP systems and to hose washdown mix stations for cleaning. Compressed air is provided for valve actuation, mix tank blow down and pig launching equipment.

Our integrated services include processing design, application & system engineering, fabrication, construction & installation, and project management services and are illustrated in this impressive multi-fauceted system. From a quality perspective, this project was designed with a high level of concern for cosmetic grade regulations and requirements. We have taken additional important steps to demonstrate our commitment to hygienic design and operations by engaging in continuous improvement within our own operations. Our record for on-time delivery is unparalleled in the sanitary industry as is our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


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