Equipment solutions for handling air, gas, liquid, and dry bulk solids.

Card Mounted Process System

Completely integrated cart mounted process systems, pre-wired, pre-assembled, and ready for installation.

Tanks and Vessels

Stainless steel tanks and vessels custom sized by our engineers for your process system.

Piping and Fittings

A broad range of piping and fittings for bulk material handling for the sanitary process industry.

Sanitary Hose & Accessories

Our engineers can match a variety of PTFE, smoothbore, FEP, PFA tubes / hoses for your application.

Sanitary Process Equipment

A broad range of process equipment & systems for bulk material handling for various industries from cosmetics to food processing.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers optimized to your specifications sold individually or part of a larger packaged system.

Process Instrumentation

Process Solutions & Integration, Inc. supplies measuring and automation solutions for pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Dispersion and Emulsification

PSI carries a wide range of dispersion, emulsification, and liquifying equipment for sanitary processing applications.

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