Wine Filtration

Wine Filtration

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration System for Wine Filtration

Process Solutions & Integration, Inc. provided a liquid processing vacuum pump skid designed to pull water and wine through a diatomaceous earth filter element removing fine sediments. Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) is a filtration system that uses a layer of fine powder to remove contaminants from water/wine.

Through the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) logic, the water and/or wine is pumped to designated receiver tanks. Air is separated from the wine in the receiver tanks and then pulled through the top of the tanks. Any carry over of D.E. is filtered out through an inline filter and is collected until scheduled maintenance on the filter element.

There are two cycles the vacuum system is designed for, the Pre-coat cycle and the wine filtering cycle. Each cycle requires different flow and vacuum level requirements. The three NASH vacuum pumps are sized to meet the flow requirements of 5 ICFM/ft2 @ 25 in Hg Vacuum during the pre-coat application, and 2 ICFM/ft2 @ 20 in Hg during the filter cycle; which equates to the following:


System #1 D.E. Filter

P. 10’ Diameter X 20’ Long = Surface Area = 628 ft2
Pre-Coat cycle: 3140 ICFM @ 25 in Hg Vacuum (VP3 & VP2 Combined)
Filtering cycle: 1256 ICFM @ 20 in Hg Vacuum (VP3)

System #2 D.E. Filter

12’ Diameter X 24’ Long = Surface Area = 905 ft2
Pre-Coat cycle: 4525 ICFM @ 25 in Hg Vacuum (VP1 & VP2 Combined)
Filtering cycle: 1810 ICFM @ 20 in Hg Vacuum (VP1)
The vacuum package is designed to use an integral vacuum pump on variable frequency drives (VFD) to match flow requirements of the pre-coat cycle of each D.E. filter. The integral vacuum pump is designed to either pre-coat system #1 or system #2 filters.

The vacuum pumps are V-belt driven at a constant RPM derived by the flow requirements of the filtering cycle for both filtering systems. These vacuum pumps are designed specifically for each system’s flow requirements.

Closed Loop Water Circulation & Cooling System

The liquid ring vacuum pumps require seal water and have a closed looped water circulation and cooling system consisting of a discharge separator (holding tank), water jacket circulation pump, discharge (water jacket) temperature and pressure gauge, a water flow switch, pump inlet & discharge isolation valve, heat exchanger, solenoid valve, Y-strainers, check valves, and a flow control valve with a rotometer to measure flow rate.

  • Concrete Foundation for Steel Skids
  • Receiver Tanks
  • Vacuum Pump Skids
  • Closed Loop Seal Water System
  • Process Piping & Wiring
  • Instrument Air Piping
  • Safety Devices
  • Flow Switches
  • Liquid Ring Pumps
  • Actuated Ball Valve

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