Positive Displacement Pump

Positive Displacement Pump

A positive displacement pump makes a fluid move by trapping a fixed amount and displacing that trapped volume into the discharge pipe. Some positive displacement pumps use an expanding cavity on the suction side and a decreasing cavity on the discharge side. The benefit of a positive displacement pump is that the volume of liquid is constant for each operational cycle. There are many benefits of positive displacement pumps for varying applications.
  • Positive Displacement pumps are sometimes called constant-volume pumps because they maintain a constant speed and flow. Even if the system pressure varies, the flow remains constant.
  • Positive Displacement pumps can handle a variety of fluid types: high, low and variable viscosity; shear sensitive fluids; solids; and liquids with a high percentage of air or gas entrainment.
  • Their capacity is not affected by the operation pressure.
  • They can be more efficient than centrifugal pumps when handling viscous fluids.
  • Positive Displacement pumps are able to self-prime.
  • They can be designed as a sealless pump.

Positive displacement pumps have a wide variety of applications within sanitary processing markets such as:

  • Bakery – Dough, fats, fruit filling, icing, oil, yeast
  • Beverages – Beer, fruit concentrate, fruit juices, mash, wine
  • Confectionery – Chocolate, cocoa butter, corn syrup, gelatin, sugar
  • Canned Foods – Tomatoes, baby food, jams, jellies, mayonnaise, potato salad, pudding, relish, stews
  • Cosmetics – Creams, emulsions, jellies, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Dairy – Butter, cream, curds, ice cream, margarine, milk, soft cheese, yogurt
  • Dressings – Mayonnaise, other sauces, ketchup
  • Flavorings – Concentrates, syrups
  • Meats – Broth, fats, gelatin, pet foods, sausage fillings

Manufacturers Represented

Process Solutions & Integration offers sales, service, and repair to Positive Displacement Pump from the following manufacturers:


Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand is synonymous with pumps, valves, scraped surface heat exchangers and dispersion equipment.


Tuthill Cororation has been manufacturing pumps, meters, vacuum systems, and blowers for use in a variety of markets including agriculture, chemical, food & beverage, and medical.


Viking is a leader in the world of positive displacement pumps for use in some of the toughest applications. Their products are utilized in nearly every industry; military, to food and beverage, to chemicals, fuels and plastics – reliably pumping materials that are thin, thick, hot, cold, liquid, solid, etc.

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