Centrifugal Multistage Blowers

Centrifugal Multistage Blowers


Multistage centrifugal blowers are the ideal solution for processes that require uniform pressure, pulse-free flow and oil-free operation. Multistage blowers us the kinetic energy of the internal impellers to increase the volume of the air stream, which in turn moves them against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. Multistage centrifugal blowers displace air radially, changing the direction of the airflow. They are sturdy, quiet, reliable, and capable of operating over a wide range of conditions.

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers have many advantages:

  • High Efficiency
  • Clean Oil Free High Pressure Air
  • No Pulsation of Flow
  • Reliable and Simple to Maintain
  • Heavy Duty Design for Continuous Service
  • Low Sound Levels to Meet OSHA standards

Manufacturers Represented

Process Solutions & Integration offers sales, service, and repair to Regenerative Blowers from the following manufacturers:

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver has been a leader in manufacturing blowers, compressors, vacuums, and pumps for the world’s most demanding and ever-changing industrial processing needs. Gardner Denver’s products range from versatile low- to high-pressure compressors and customizable blowers to vacuum pumps serving industries including general manufacturing, automotive, and waste water treatment, as well as food & beverage, plastics, and power generation.


  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Vacuum Lifting
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Food Filling – cakes, pies, liquid products
  • Product Handling
  • Bottle Filling
  • Packaging
  • Evacuation
  • Preservation
  • Drying


  • Food and Beverage
  • Meat Packing / Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Dairy
  • Bottling
  • Bakery

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